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Norbert11.03.2009 23:15 :: IP:

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Theophila02.03.2009 00:16 :: IP:

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Clement22.02.2009 04:12 :: IP:

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Meg29.07.2008 18:43 :: IP:

Miiiisieeekk.! ;D:*
ooch, Diobełku, smutno, nudno i źle.!

Miczka03.07.2008 00:35 :: IP:

Pozdro Mojra...
przejebany ten filmik z kotem...

Agrax13.05.2008 17:13 :: IP:

eee fajny blog :P

Prezes10.05.2008 00:27 :: IP:

Twoja STARA !!!


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